Madan Zamin company (Pvt.) by a group of experts in the field of mining and geology that have many years of experiences in and out of the country and an important responsibility in this affair, was established in the year 1994.

The purpose of this company is doing all the operation identification, design, implementation, and consulting in all areas of mining, processing of all minerals and mining operations and promote the advancement of the quality of work efficiency and alignment with international standards and regulations. Possibility of imported minerals production inside the country, in order to reduce dependence on foreign sources of.

The company is now enjoying a highly qualified experts and specialists, as well as the use of facilities outside the country as well as several mining projects in various fields and various dimensions of one of the most mineral companies in Iran, hoping with the help of Almighty God, and to be able to optimize their ever-increasing share of their religion to the homeland does things.

 * Mr. Ali Akbar Tqhvaeian

  Graduate mining engineering in 1982 and master's degree in mining engineering in 1993 from Amirkabir University of Technology

·         CEO Sormak (Mining and mineral processing operation blacksmiths), 1986

·         CEO Calcimine (mine exploitation grapes and factory), 1990-1987 years

·         Nonferrous Engineering and Research Project Manager (Project of Mineral processing), 1993-1990 years

·         CEO Kanykaran (mine project consulting engineer), 1994 years


* Mr. Alireza Esfahanian

Graduated in 2006, majoring in Accounting and Business Administration from Tehran University.

·         Member of the Board and Chief Financial Prsylndr, 1986-1983 years

·         Chairman of the board of directors Sormak, 1986

·         Deputy CEO Chief executive board Bama, 1990-1987 years

·         Iran's vice-Stadt, 1991-1990 years

·         Director of public investment company Satkab, 1994 -1991 years

·         Consulting managing director of Iran Power Plant Projects Management Company (MAPNA), 1994-1995 years


*     Mr. Karim Karam Soltani

Bachelor of Mining Engineering from the University of Technology in 1985 and a graduate mining engineer mining in 1996 from Tehran University.

·         Technical Director Calcimine, 1992-1986 years

·         Nonferrous Engineering and Research Project Manager, 1994-1992 years

By the end of the war and adopted a policy of state-owned enterprises of the series decided to dispose of the leases the company founded by relying on the expertise and experience and provide the path meritorious services to the country.

The company's activities at the beginning of both the design and monitoring as well as administrative and contracting mines concentrated in the ten-year period from 1994 to 2005 years of up to 19 all over the country and the delivery of the project in that has exploit ohm it is reflected in the table.

According to executive activities and contracting company in 2005 years to rank second in rank your contractor   At the same time, increased ground excavation and Executive Affairs Department has developed regulatory and corporate research and consulting services in 2009 years managed to obtain a qualification certificate 1 st in the field of preparation and exploit enterprises of mining materials ground, and the mineral processing 3 in string More activities were focused on the design, consulting and supervision. As in the latter decades of his career over 2004 contract consulting, design and supervision and site supervision, with the consent of the client's signed and completed the documentation is presented in Table 2 and consents.


During its activity the company of the most expert of experts and professors in the field of geology and mineral of interest which is presented in the list of coworkers the company to cooperate In addition, in special cases is given as well as the experts instability and underground mining projects grapes and design solutions necessary for reconstruction Anguran loss was mine. The importance of these projects, the summary report is presented separately.

In addition, the consultant during his career has worked in the field of Geology several projects, the most important of which are:

*     Providing consultancy services and supervision on food selection of grapes and processing ore concentrator in Dundee

*     Services phosphate plant study

*     Preparation of empowerment mineral complex Nakhlak

*     Gold plant to optimize production performance review and setting up of sulfur

*     Manage the implementation of mining operations, including planning, exploration and extraction of gold from Red Mountain gold mine heap leach method.

*     Manage design, manufacture, construction, commissioning and operation of plants for production of gold bullion by leaching tanks with the capacity to produce at least one ton of gold bullion per year

*     Modified circuit nepheline syenite Asia Bar at the factory nomads

*     Determine the limit to locate and determine the flow of iron ore crusher Jalalabad

*     Design and technical and economic studies and ore processing plant Mehdiabad

*     Setup Factory Mine Mineral processing Anjireh

*     Design and supervision of construction equipment and supervision of erection and commissioning of the plant Mineral processing Pavilion

*     Design and supervision of construction and installation of equipment and machinery, coal washing plant in winter